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‘Conversion Therapy’ Reduces Suicide [P2N-22-23]

In this course, Dr. Sullins will rebut recent research which falsely concludes that “conversion therapy” increases suicide, showing that, when corrected, the evidence demonstrates just the opposite.

A Better Story About Sexuality. Loved, Desired & Created by God [P1C-22-23]

Alexis Lundh looks at the problem of the use of pornography, especially in the context of Christians who struggle in this area.

A New Family Systems Therapeutic Approach for Parents & Families of Sexual Minority Youth [P1A-22-23]

In this course, Christopher Doyle offers a family systems therapeutic model for licensed clinicians to safely and effectively work with sexual minority youth, and their families.

Clients, Therapists & the State: The Fight for Freedom [S15-22-23]

In this course, Dr Moseley provides an analysis of why ‘conversion therapy’ bans are being pushed internationally.

Counselling & Sexuality: Clinically Excellent & Biblically Faithful [S2-22-23]

Dr Golden will identify clinical best practices in addressing client issues that may be in opposition to Christian teaching. She will review case examples that include transgender identified and same sex attracted clients and their families.

Dynamite tools, strategies & policy resources for protecting gender & sexuality, especially in the context of children [P2L-22-23]

In this course, Sharon Slater presents multiple policy resources for protecting children from the global sexual rights and gender ideology agendas including policy briefs, talking points, webinars, videos, negotiation strategies, websites, phone app, language guides, PowerPoints, and more.

Gender Dysphoria, the Transgender Tsunami, & Our Response [S6-22-23]

This course covers discussions of peer-reviewed and professional literature about gender dysphoria in minors, aspects related to gender/transition affirming therapy vs watchful waiting, and a compassionate approach to gender dysphoric patient and family

Gender Dysphoria: International pushback against GAT (Gender Affirming Therapy) in minors [P1J-22-23]

In this course, Dr. Van Mol presents updates regarding the rising international pushback against gender/transition affirming therapy in minors with special focus on the UK, Sweden, Finland, France, and the USA.

Genesis: God made them Male and Female’ in Hebrew Explained? [P3O-22-23]

In this course, Ansel Pronk explains from the original Paleo Hebrew what God reveals in creation about His plan for marriage, why and how God designed it.

How Conversion Therapy Bans Impact Women & Girls [P2D-22-23]

In this course, Dr Moseley will facilitate discussion of opportunities to support and/or advocate for women and girls and collaborate internationally.

Legal Panel: Arguing Your Point of View Invoking Human Rights [P2E-22-23]

In this course, the team of legal professionals talk about basic human rights and draw a distinction between real and perceived human rights aimed to raise awareness around these issues.

Media - Keys to survival [P2M-22-23]

In this course, Bob McCoskrie discusses how to maximise the impact of media statements, and how to tackle and prepare for media interviews as well as explain some of the ideology and worldview which is driving our media to be so hostile towards your views, and how you can counter that effectively.

Most same-sex oriented people eventually change [S7-22-23]

Dr. Sullins and collaborators will present data from the British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal-3) showing that over 80% of persons with same-sex partners before five years ago have currently changed partnership orientation, with most changing to heterosexual partners.

New Zealand’s ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban [S8-22-23]

In this course, Bob McCoskrie will explain the passing of ‘conversion therapy’ ban, the campaign opposing the law, the flaws in the law, and how the media & politicians handled the issue.

Pastoral Care for Women with Unwanted SSA [S9-22-23]

In this course, Rev. Elizabeth Woning’s presentation identifies some of these pressures and explores how restoring biblical “womanhood” brings deep healing.

Pathways to Heterosexuality & Homosexuality: Psychoanalytic Theories Made Easy [S14-22-23]

Dr. Haynes will answer questions related to psychoanalysis from the viewpoint of theories that look at childhood stages of development and the roles of mothers, fathers, and peers.

Potential Impacts of Embracing Formerly Disavowed Masculine Identity on Sexual Feelings [P3P-22-23]

Pastor Ken will use his personal testimony to illustrate how proud ownership of one’s masculinity can be experienced remedially for men who didn’t receive gender confidence in childhood. He will share practical approaches he and others have implemented.

Praying Biblically [P3H-22-23]

In this course, Pastor Simon Wyatt presents an explanation of aspects of prayer from a section in the book of Job.

Pursuing Attachment Security & Godly Identity [S3-22-23]

Dr Gilles considers the impact of trauma on our development and helps us to discern the nature of trauma.

Roundtable Discussion: How to Treat Transgender [P1K-22-23]

This course discusses medicalisation of transgender treatment and how those supporting individuals (and their families) who identify as transgender or are in the process of de-transitioning, might approach the issues presented.

Searching for Evidence of Harm: 79 Key Studies Do Not Demonstrate that SOCE is More Harmful Than Other Counselling [S13-22-23]

In this course, Peter Sprigg from Family Watch International reviewed and shares the results of 79 studies purported to include “measures of harm” from SOCE.

Signs & Seasons: Preparing to Stand for Freedom [S17-22-23]

In this course, Dr Mike Davidson discusses changes in the world towards increased intolerance and viewpoint discrimination and opens up challenges in tackling the future.

Spirituality in Counselling: Stripping Out the New Age from Truth [P3Q-22-23]

Dr Golden will review biblical foundations related to mental, physical, and spiritual health, identify New Age influences in counselling theory, explore New Age roots in experiential interventions, and discuss certain Christian lay counselling programs that incorporate New Age practices.

Strategies for Care Within Christian Community [P3F-22-23]

In this course, Rev. Woning tackles Biblical sexual ethics is good news to people who experience same-sex sexual attraction and gender incongruence and articulates a strategy for receiving and ministering to those seeking help and clarifies the priority of discipleship over “change.”

Strategies to Help with Porn Addictions [P1B-22-23]

This course outlines the basic data on why porn is more and more dangerous. It also discusses the description of the transtheoretical model of change, applied to psychoeducational online workshop.

The Battle of Words - Why Terminology Matters [S11-22-23]

In this course, Mr. Jensen will talk about how language, words, and terminology affect the way we think about, speak and argue our points of view.

The Law Above the Law - Making full Use of Our God-Given Freedoms [S12-22-23]

In this course, Andrea Williams will explain how the justice system might be used to progress the Christian agenda with respect to human rights.

The Reintegrative Protocol: Theory & Case Examples [S5-22-23]

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Jr. details the theory and practice of the Reintegrative Protocol, reveal new cutting-edge developments that may shape the future of this field: Reintegrative Therapy’s blockchain-based platform that enables empirically-enhanced psychotherapy, and summarize recent research findings on Reintegrative Therapy.

The War on Children: Exposing the International Assault on Health, Gender & Sexuality [S4-22-23]

In this course, Sharon Slater (President of Family Watch International) exposes how the UN human rights system has been captured by donor countries to advance harmful sexual and gender ideologies under the deceptive banner of human rights.

The War on Psychotherapy: When Sexual Politics, Gender Ideology, & Mental Health Collide [S1-22-23]

Presented by Christopher Doyle, Co-Founder National Task-force for Therapy Equality, this course offers meaningful solutions on how we can work together to stop fraudulent activism, end harmful counselling, and ensure safe and effective assistance for those who are struggling and seeking help.

Transformation Stories Emerging from Pastoral Ministry Applied to Emotional Pains & False Self-Perceptions [S10-22-23]

In this course, Pastor Ken Williams will provide a closeup look at what goes on inside the minds of those battling gender dysphoria and homosexual feelings.

Welcome: Tools to Enhance Your Conference Experience [S0-22-23]

In this introductory course, IFTCC Chairman Mike Davidson calls attention to the growing distinction within Christian Churches between those accepting the normalisation of LGBT agendas and of sexual ‘orientation’ and introduces two individuals who have retracted their former opposition to counselling and therapeutic interventions for those wanting to leave homosexual and transgender identities and behaviours.

What They’re Not Telling You: The Neuroscience of How Trauma Treatment Triggers Spontaneous Sexuality Change [P1I-22-23]

In this course, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Jr., clinical psychologist, details the new neuroscientific findings of how trauma treatment can trigger spontaneous sexuality changes.

Wise & Faithful - Legal Responses to ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bans [S16-22-23]

In this course, John Steenhof will provide an overview of conversion therapy laws that have been enacted in Australia with a specific focus on the legislative provisions that are of relevance to health practitioners.

X-Out-Loud: Unashamed. Come & meet some who have left LGBT lifestyles [P3G-22-23]

This course offers insight into how to support this part of our communities with respect and compassion. Listen to the stories of X-Out-Loud forerunners and consider how they articulate their position in an increasingly intolerant way.