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Promoting, Advocating: Therapeutic Choice

Focusing on the SAFE-T Protocol (Sexual Attraction Fluidity Exploration in Therapy) within the Judeo-Christian Context

Did You Come to Our Conference?

We launch the 2022-2023 curriculum at this year’s 8th annual IFTCC conference taking place in Hungary. Full Conference attendees may access the curriculum free of charge with the non-transferrable correct code. Those unable to attend the conference may sign up to receive the same access, after paying the registration fee.

Curriculum Themes


IFTCC Learning serves the IFTCC as its public education body. It is led by the IFTCC Education and Training Advisory Council, chaired by Professor Carolyn Pela and managed by Dr Mike Davidson. IFTCC Learning aims to provide:

1. Further training for qualified counsellors and psychotherapists seeking to upskill their existing knowledge in the field;

2. Specific knowledge, current best-practise, research findings and understanding of the field of counselling and psychotherapy for those seeking to leave LGBT identities and practices;

3. Pastoral carers and persons of other helping disciplines with a structured approach to care, including the knowledge of when to refer persons to mental health professional services.

Test your knowledge?

Attending teaching sessions is no guarantee that learning has taken place! Would you like to evidence your learning in this important field and develop a portfolio of evidence towards a soon to be announced membership initiative of the IFTCC?

First of all, do no harm.
– Hyppocrates, The Physician’s Oath, Circa, 400 B.C.