Curriculum Themes

Philosophy and Anthropology

The study of humanity: behaviour, biology, psychology, cultures, society and linguistics, past and present and how we articulate these philosophically.

Clinical Therapy and Counselling

The identification, analysis and treatment of emotional, behavioural and sometimes metal illness issues by trained or licensed professionals.

Medical and Diagnostic Aspects

Recognising diagnosis as detecting, identifying and monitoring malfunction, disorder or disease as having important implications for care, research and social policy.

Ethics and Guidelines

Considering good practice and the ethical issues of care, research and social policy for counsellors, psychotherapists and pastoral care workers.


Discerning ‘enquiry’ versus ‘advocacy’ research in protecting ideological diversity and avoiding viewpoint discrimination using defined methodology and clear goals.

Culture and Society

Examining beliefs, practices, learned behaviours and moral practices passed on to those who share a common culture for the purpose of protecting and preserving rights and freedoms.

Media-Communication and Advocacy

Developing creative, strategic information-management and communication in multi- and social media contexts with honesty and for the purpose of protecting freedoms.

Law and Therapeutic Choice

Exposing malevolence intent on denying personal autonomy and removing therapeutic choice for individuals seeking change-allowing therapies and pastoral support.

Education and Family

Preserving freedom of conscience and the right of families to educate their children according to Judeo-Christian values and the right to receive such teaching.

Pastoral Care

Developing emotional, social and spiritual support for Christian believers who reject secular humanism, Queer Theory and the normalisation of sexual anarchy and gender confusion.