All IFTCC registrants of its Professional Register are signatories to the IFFTC Declaration and committed to the IFTCC Practise and Ethical Guidelines (PEG). This is the basis of understanding and the code of conduct required from those who seek to support men and women who experience unwanted same-sex attraction or gender incongruence.

The IFTCC prioritizes the dignity of the individual seeking support, and honours their conscience by recognizing the Biblical foundations for Christian life and faith, and furthermore, provides a working framework of essential priorities and ethical principles which are requisites for all clinicians, counsellors and pastoral care workers associated with our organization.

The IFTCC follows a set of guiding principles and ethical standards to attain the like-minded approach of our registrant professionals in:

(1) Clinical Guidelines

(2) Principles of Transgender Treatment

(3) Pastoral Care Protocol

(4) SAFE-T

(5) Practise and Ethical Guidelines (PEG) document

(6) Statement on “Change”.