Session 6 – Structural Harmfulness of Change Allowing Therapy. Is There Evidence? [S6-20-21]

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About Course

In this lesson, Agnieszka gives an overview of how people wanting to move away from an LGBT identity are finding it increasingly hard to do so, with psychological bodies deleting their articles related to ‘ego-dystonic sexual orientation’. She also mentions the attitudes towards LGBT and changes in sexual orientation throughout history, ‘conversion therapy’ bans, the understanding people have of homosexuality and ‘conversion therapy’, affirmative therapy vs. change allowing therapy, and the deterioration effect in psychotherapy related to change allowing therapies, affirmative therapies, and other therapies. She gives her best advice on how to navigate these therapies.

Proposed Learning Objectives

  • 1. List the changes in the attitudes to, and the therapies used on those with same-sex attraction throughout history
  • 2. Describe the penalties which some nations are using to stop change-allowing therapies, and the ways in which bodies are trying to ignore
  • 3. Describe the homosexuality and transgenderism
  • 4. Describe some truths and misconceptions surrounding ‘conversion therapy’
  • 5. List some basic concepts of both affirmative and change allowing therapy.
  • 6. List some differences between the NARTH and APA guidelines
  • 7. Summarise the ‘deterioration effect’ in therapy. Is it just confined to change allowing therapies?
  • 8. Give some evidence of the harmlessness of change allowing therapies
  • 9. List some advice that Agnieszka gave to therapy to be most effective
  • 10. List any negative effects of sexual orientation change efforts, and any evidence of the effectiveness of affirmative therapy

Course Content


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