Session 20 – Ways Out of Pornography [S20-20-21]

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About Course

In this lesson, Alexis Lundh describes how sexuality is a curiosity for young men and teenagers and speaks about his past struggle with pornography. He also gives a brief history of the pornography industry to introduce the topic. He speaks about how pornography can fuel child-child sex abuse, and describes trends in porn viewing habits amongst both practising and non-practising Christians by age and sex. He mentions certain addiction models, and ‘permission giving’ behaviours. He then goes through how to get out of pornography, and how to help others struggling with this addiction.

Proposed Learning Objectives

  • 1. Give a brief history of the porn industry
  • 2. Describe how porn can increase child-child sex abuse
  • 3. Describe trends in porn viewing habits amongst practising and non-practising Christians, factoring in their age and sex
  • 4. List and explain the learning model and the circle of shame in regards to pornography
  • 5. Give a summary using examples for each of your points on how to get someone out of pornography and into a Godly identity.
  • 6. Summarise the Christian view of sex mentioned by the presented

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