Session 18 – Sex Change Regret – What Transitioning Won’t Heal [S18-20-21]

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About Course

In this lesson, Walt Heyer speaks a little about his website full of stories related to transition regret and detransitioning, and gives his testimony of transitioning and de-transitioning himself at a challenging time in US history. He speaks about how transgenderism can come about in one’s life, how identity distortion in childhood impacts this, and also explains how for some, transgender attributes may be more linked to a ‘fetish’ than a deep hatred for their own gender. He also speaks about gender dysphoria and the benefits of psychotherapy in all these cases.

Proposed Learning Objectives

  • 1. List some consequences of early distortion in sexual identity, how sexual identity in children can be distorted, and describe how this can be prevented
  • 2. Define autogynephilia and transvestic fetishes. Describe their differences and compare them with gender dysphoria
  • 3. Explain why psychotherapy should be encouraged instead of transgender affirmation?
  • 4. Determine whether ‘gender dysphoria’ is a diagnosis or a behaviour. How should it be treated?

Course Content


  • Video Lesson