Session 15 – Human Rights at Stake : Maintaining Freedom and Protecting Choice [S15-20-21]

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About Course

In this lesson, Roger Kiska describes the problems faced with anti-discrimination legislation and victimisation. He also talks about the problems that previously Christian adoption agencies in the UK faced when the bill was passed for same-sex couple adoptions amongst other cases involving Christians, and the forced infiltration of LGBT doctrine into Christianity and the school system.

Proposed Learning Objectives

  • 1. Describe how some anti-discrimination legislation can have a negative effect
  • 2. Describe the problems stemming from victimisation
  • 3. Describe the outcomes and any lessons learned from one of the various cases mentioned
  • 4. Describe the discrimination Christian orphanages faced in the UK in 2007
  • 5. Describe how the LGBT ideology is infiltrating the education system and Christianity in the UK
  • 6. Describe the dangers of cultural Marxism.

Course Content


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