Session 14 – Transgender Identity : Safety and Effectiveness of Medical Gender Interventions [S14-21-22]

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About Course

In this lesson, Dr Laura Haynes presents research surrounding the topic of Gender Identity, showing how it is affected by predominantly environmental factors as opposed to genetic factors or differences in brain development. She also discusses the harmfulness of transition from a medical perspective, the factors leading to transgenderism and the fear of consequences if medical professionals challenged a patient for their want to transition.

Proposed Learning Objectives

  • 1. Define gender, gender dysphoria, gender non-binary
  • 2. Describe why medical interventions do not improve the psychological condition of many transitioners
  • 3. List some reasons why the percentage of gender incongruent teens is increasing dramatically
  • 4. Describe the trends between psychological conditions and gender non-conformity vs acceptance of the birth sex.

Course Content


  • Video Lesson