Session 14 – Pathways to Heterosexuality and Homosexuality: Psychoanalytic Theories Made Easy [S14-22-23]

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About Course

Dr. Haynes will present in ordinary English some psychoanalytic theories, considered controversial today, of development of heterosexuality and homosexuality with occasional applications for gender identity development. What needs to go right to culminate in heterosexuality? And what goes wrong leading to homosexuality? Dr. Haynes will answer these questions from the viewpoint of theories that look at childhood stages of development and the roles of mothers, fathers, and peers.

Proposed Learning Objectives

  • Identify what is every child's first parent attachment.
  • Describe briefly what makes developing a confident congruent gender-sex identity more risky for a boy.
  • Demonstrate understanding of what is meant by the concept of a negative Oedipal complex (or the parents and child love triangle).
  • Identify a potential cause of same sexuality during school years.
  • Demonstrate knowledge that research supports childhood sexual abuse may lead to having same sex partners.

Course Content


  • Video Lesson