Session 12 – Coming Out of Same Sex Attraction : A Two-way Journey [S12-20-21]

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About Course

In this lesson, Ansel Pronk speaks about how different people can respond to traumas, and how that can encourage the development of both addictions and same sex attraction alike. He also goes through some diagrams, such as the pathway to addiction vs the one to health, and tackles problems surrounding homosexuality, steps to emotional healing and healing addictions.

Proposed Learning Objectives

  • State the paths which traumas could lead to
  • State why some men are more affected by by a trauma than others might be
  • Describe how a cycle of addiction is created in a person’s life
  • Describe how co-dependency works
  • State what helps one overcome co-dependency
  • Describe a healthy family cycle which creates blessing instead of addiction
  • List the steps provided for emotional healing, giving a brief explanation of each
  • List the steps provided to assist in the healing of homosexual addictions, giving a brief explanation of each, giving a brief explanation of each
  • Describe how mentors/the support system of struggling Christians should act towards them – what are some things they could do to help?
  • Describe the advice Ansel gives for Christians stuck in fantasising, and the dangers that come with fantasies

Course Content


  • Video Lesson