Session 10 – Homosexuality as a Symptom of Sexualised Attachments [S10-23-24]

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About Course

Dr. Godfrey will describe sexualized attachment and how it occurs through a lens of attachment theory. Homosexual attraction or gender confusion are often symptoms of sexualized attachment: the fusion of attachment drive and sexual drive. When sexualized attachment occurs, it pulls away from the path of heterosexuality. Treatment objectives and goals will be discussed with practical application.

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Proposed Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to identify healthy attachment needs
  • Participants will be capable of describing various attachment deficits or wounds
  • Participants will be able to outline specific goals for healing and recovery
  • Participants will be capable of describing the development of sexualized attachments
  • Participants can outline various emotional factors that contribute to homosexuality.

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  • Video Lesson